Home is where the dog is

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home is where the dog is

for me home is where there is my family and my lovely dog lives, where it really peaceful and fun, if you love your dog, this is the for your shirt, the color is very lovely and very clear message about love for your dog. Because we are dog lovers.

home-is-where-the-dog-is home-is-where-the-dog-is

Stories about dogs Mari:

Stories about dogs Mari is an excerpt from a film based on the true story altogether terrible earthquake in Chuetsu, Japan, in 2004.
Mari is a family dog Aya. When presage impending earthquake, Mari has embarked on sacrifices to rescue the ruined house owners. Then faithful dog sought lifeguards newspaper came and took my grandfather out of danger Aya. When officers took her to the helicopter Aya owners, Mari to chase plane during a long way, even for the feet are bleeding.

Capitán 6 year master’s grave:

Villa Carlos Paz city in the province of Cordoba, Argentina, a dog named Capitán has left much impression in the hearts of people around the area. For over 6 years, Capitán always stay with the tomb of Miguel Guzmán boss since his death in 3/2006. Initially, Capitán realized he was no longer at home, as usual, it ran around looking for all. It is not known how Capitán can identify his grave in a cemetery Miguel nearby.

According to her Veronica – Miguel’s wife – then refused to leave the tomb Capitán even when she and her son had brought a dog straining at home. Sometimes Capitán visit her home and his home, but even then, it’s back with his familiar tomb. Capitán loyalty touched the staff at the cemetery, they often bring food to the dog to not be hungry.

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