I am pawsome

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i am pawsome

the hand of love will make your dog moving, if you love your dog, please show it by loving them more, and if you like you can wear these shirts printed to keep love dogs your with them. Because we are dog lovers.



Normally seen dogs and cats or quarrel, chase, intimidate each other … few believe they can make friends with each other. In fact, many cases of cats and dogs so adorable together intertwined.
We even know each other solace when a child accidentally infected. BoredPanda page, one user said: “My dog has cancer is terminal. I noticed it and the cat in the house is more hug every time it hurt.”

John Bradshaw – an expert on animal behavior, said conflict arose between dogs and cats often because they see the world differently.

“The cat wants to leave, the dog thinks cats are invited to participate in a game of it, that is happening chase that both sides do not understand the motives of the other is,” Bradshaw explains.

love of animals for each other is very special, if you have friends you will understand everyone needs friends

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