I love animals more than people

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i love animals more than people

Animal loving heart will help us to add warmth, humanity and better, if you love animals you’ll love this shirt. Because we are animal lovers.


Story: Teach children to love animals more than:

Give your child a pet baby. If you can not afford to care for a dog or cat, the aquarium is also an option. Teach your child to take care of pets. This will help your child understand that there are animals like human needs, such as eating, drinking and love.

Volunteering with children in a nurturing farm animals. Ownerless animals in the camp are in a state of despair and need the attention and care. Your child will learn empathy with their own hands after the care and play with them.

Empathy will drag the animals closer to your child. When you see your child ready for animal protection, we will gradually imitate your actions and promote that attitude.

Ask your children how they would feel if they are beaten or teasing. Explain that animals are like us, they also do not like being teased or hurt.

Take a roadside scavenging and garbage by the river and the coast. While doing so, explain that the external environment that is home to many species of animals. And tell your child understand that the animals would feel like when their house full of junk. We will understand that animals deserve a clean house, so like humans.

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