I love animals

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i love animals

wild animals are animals very beautiful and lovely as well, let us join hands to protect them, if you love animals you’ll love this shirt.


Story: 12 Misperceptions about the animals

We think you know everything about the animal world. However, there are some facts we believe to be true but not true at all. Explore 12 Misperceptions about the animals below offline.

1. Dogs only see black and white? The truth is that dogs can see colors, but not as much as we humans only.

2. Gaur reactive red? The truth is that we just want to attack things moving in front of them.

3. burying their head in the sand ostrich when we fear? The truth is that in this situation they will “run away”.

4. Touch a toad will make you warts? The truth is that toads do not cause warts.

5. The chameleon changes color to mix with their environment? The truth is that they change colors to reflect their mood.

6. “You stomped like an elephant!” The truth is that the elephant went very quiet.

7. The blue whale can swallow a car? In truth, grapefruit is the biggest thing that whales can swallow.

8. blind mole? The truth is that we can see, only a poor vision only.

9. Mice like cheese? The truth cheese is not their favorite food.

10. Fish are dumb? The truth is that fish produce sounds similar to noise on a busy farm.

11. It was a horn on the nose of the rhino? The truth that is not a horn, which is a “crest” especially hard.

12. Winter, animals are cold, they go dormant? The truth is that they hibernate because of the scarcity of food in the winter.

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