I shoot animals

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I shoot animals

We can say photography is seeing the beauty in things you take, and a photography lovers and animal lovers will be more beautiful soul


Story: Photography – The beauty of art

In the world of colorful art, photography retains its own peculiarity. Photography was also the only art can alter all the other art forms. Imagine the fashion industry would be like if there were no pictures or movies stored? How do people around the world can reach and feel the beauty of the ancient sculptures, frescoes from the Middle Ages or the modern street painting? Movie would be like if no photographic record images, footage?

Photography is an art full of impact. A photographer is not merely to create a photo – they tell the story his way. A photograph is not only to retain an inanimate picture, but to capture all the memories, emotions, a peaceful moment or a move certain vitality. A smile, through photography, can evoke countless love stories. Or a tear, on a certain film, can express grief as a poem that 10,000 pages.

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