I shoot animals

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i shoot animals

love animals and love of photography will help you become emotional and more meaningful life, if you love animals and photography you will like this shirt.


Story: The trick to easily take pictures of strangers?

“If I’m just curious, it would be hard to step up to a stranger and tell them,” Hey, I want to go to his house, wanted him to tell me about the story of his life. ” Make rows of these people will respond, “You’re crazy”. Moreover, they will improve vigilance. The camera is a truly effective license. Many people, like to be noticed, and that’s a very normal demand. ” Diane Arbus said.

Be respectful of people captured

There are those who plant themselves photographed in front of the kids that do not care about the presence of their parents. This is the only photographer to think everything is “our audience”, not interested in the surrounding elements. There can be no rule that says you can not capture or be captured others, but will respect others when treating them as “people are taking” instead of just “things were taken.” Moreover, you can show them the photo was taken, if they want. Also, can put cards or record their information and send back images to them if they want.
How to approach a stranger?

It does not matter what you say to a stranger, but you must pay attention the way I have been exposed: honest, friendly, warm and calm. It will be easy to see your body language before you speak. So, if you’re too tense, it is easy to think you’re suspicious. If you do not smile, they will appreciate you even less friendly. Of course, the anxiety is normal. Therefore, you should exercise more, so gradually calmer new. At that time, you would have a more natural, and everything will become easy.

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