I’d rather be walking my dog

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I’d rather be walking my dog

Love can say is what people always need to learn, so do not just love people that we should love animals, dogs,because we are dog lovers, loved the animals.


Story: The story of the rescue dogs died after rescuing 7 people

A rescue dog Ecuador were people respectfully called “heroic dog” after the dog rescued 7 people trapped in the rubble after the earthquake. Dogs have their best work to the point of death from exhaustion.
“Courageous dog” has been active in order to find survivors, finally, after all their efforts, uncle died from exhaustion. His name is Dayko.

Dayko a white hunting dog, of the line of Labrador, 4 years old, uncle served in the rescue effort. In operation for rescuing people, Dayko specialized help sniff to find survivors, lying buried in the rubble. Dayko will guide rescuers to quickly reach the right location with the victims.

Without the participation of these dogs as Dayko, more lives could have been saved not timely. However, after the active process under the hot sun, the body gets dehydrated and exhausted, Dayko died last weekend.


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