Keep calm and focus

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Keep calm and focus

if you love animals, dogs and like photography, then this shirt is for you. Because we are people who love animals, dogs, cats


Story: Ways to help us better photographers than

Select the lens focal

Wide angle lenses create the impression of distance between the components in the image, while the telephoto lens specification broader audience. Your position stands to be an important subject to calculation, not only is the choice in any case focus. And, depending on the subject that you select appropriate lens focal length.

Remove switch angle

The big brother has taught her to move seamlessly capture and find another angle to shoot. Often many people shooting then, again put it on watch to capture, image akin to the same lot. Should move after the shooting.
Selecting appropriate shooting mode

Select the self-timer, aperture priority to control the image or shutter speed priority, or mastering both. Actually, not so handy selection or fast, but depending on the habits and circumstances of light and intent of the photo that you want more.

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