Life is better with a lab

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Life is better with a Lab

Lab can be said to be a member of the family, ask your friends and wearing beautiful clothes Lab shaped to express your love with you. Life is better with a lab. If you love pet you will like this shirt….:) T-shirts with the adorable dog lab, showing the color of the logo is also very friendly, when looking at the shirt had the feeling we would love more labrador dog, lab such a cute boy, its gentle and loyal to us, and especially as a best friend. Because we are dog lovers.

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Story about Breed Labrador Retriever dog:

Labrador Retriever Dog

Do you believe that there is a dog is compared as the angels do not?
Affectionate, friendly, gentle, kind, loyal, and took the serve and help others make fun … the incredibly wonderful personality that made this breed win the hearts of the majority of people animal Lover worldwide. These dogs are well-known and beloved that even if a person is not well versed in dogs can still recognize the breed. This article would like to introduce you breed Labrador Retriever (called Lab), the lovely four-legged angel – of a popular breed in America.

Identifying characteristics:

Are classified as sporting dogs (sporting dogs group), this is one of the dogs had a good shape, most solid and robust.
Variety Lab is divided into two types, varieties and breeds Lab Lab American English – the two types of differences are quite pronounced. While infants of the same Lab He looks heavy, more toned and muscular, the US Lab baby body possesses a fairly tall and slender. The common feature is that they are big but proportionate neck, long tail myself a little bit more flashy and four feet long, healthy, webbed feet make them become athletes keen swimmers.

Personality characteristics
As I said, a very popular breed Lab, especially in the US – the reason for this popularity is the star? According to the survey, most pet owners in the United States have noted that, similar to the Lab not only looks beautiful but also have extremely great character: they are loyal, gentle, affectionate and very patient. On the popular website Dog Time, indicators of the level of affection, friendly, easy to train, easy to care for, less annoying … of this breed are assessed at the level of perfection.

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