Life is better with a parrot

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life is better with a parrot


Story: Story About Birds Chance

This is an interesting story that will make you smile surprised.

One day, when the vet DachsUndDachshund are jogging, he happened to see a bird species new songbirds hatch was thrown from the nest. He wanted to return to the nest bird but could not find where to nest, so he decided to take home care until the bird is big enough and will be released into the environment.

Day 1

This is the first day bird. My brother out jogging and found it on the sidewalk. Still attached little birds and little shell membranes are dry. Obviously this is a newly hatched bird, we can not determine the location of the nest among the trees around it. ** NOTE ** If found fledglings, it is best to locate the nest and put it back. There is a perception that you can not touch the baby birds as parent birds will reject them because little bird little bird who carries. PLEASE do not try at home raising their chicks! The story does not bring instructive that only let you see the growth and maturity incredible songbird. Nurturing wildlife should only be performed by licensed persons.

day 2

You can see the cute birdies appearance though not quite looking for? We put the chicks in an incubator units, carefully controlled temperature and humidity. We think it’s a her chicks (though meanwhile we can not determine that the males or birds), and referred to her as “dumplings”. Baby chicks that look alike, so no way to really know what this is kind of bird. We need to wait and watch the little girl raised her fur when certain species.

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