Life is good horse make it better

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life is good  horse make it better

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Story: Why horses usually sleep standing?

Why horses usually sleep standing?
Non knack of horses is well known because horses have elongated body, four sturdy legs. But the horse has characteristics unlike other animals, it was like sleeping in the night stand. Night whether to visit it at any time, it has always stood, eyes closed to sleep.
-Horses sleep standing is under the living habits of wild horses. Wild horses live in the grasslands, vast deserts. Ancient, horse both the object of human hunting, good food is of predators such as wolves. Horses are not cattle, goats can be used horns to fight with the enemy, there is only one way, can only be based on running fast to escape an enemy.

-That predators like wolves … are feeding at night, during the day they hide in the grass, cave to rest, the new night out foraging. Wild horses to quickly promptly fled enemy, comfortable night’s sleep could not rest without worrying. Whether daytime, horses also had to stand to maintain heightened vigilance, precaution.

-Horses but not having pursued the enemy as human beings and wild horses, but they are so tame wild horses. But the behavior of wild horses sleep standing still reserved again.

Among the animals, in addition to the horses, donkeys sleeping habits also stands for the environment of our ancestors living closer to wild horses

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