Love all animals

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love all animals

sometimes the people you next we are animals, they can be dogs, cats, birds or horses, or a certain animal, if you love animals you’ll love this shirt.


Story: little things that you know about cats

1. Cats are very sensitive to feel the vibrations from a distance. Therefore, it is anticipated that after the earthquake, the 10-15 minutes it was revealed.

2. A cat named Hamlet in Canada under all traveling by plane and get lost. Yet after 7 weeks it find its way on the ice and that plane. It was looking to get home after traveling a long distance of 600,000 kilometers. Did not know what guided mystery to it.

3. single cat is a cat enters the French universe, Felicette name. These electrodes plugged into the brain it constantly sending signals back to Earth on its health status.

4. The owner of several cats especially the couple Jach & Donna Wright in Kingston, Ontario. They feed the cat 689 and was honored in the Guinness Book. Oversize solid.

5. Writer Le Van Truong in late life lonely so many cats do you adopted. He died nobody knows, only 16 cats sitting glumly around (Memoirs cuaNguyen According Tails).

6. Your son to Australia I had just settled. A friend it left for the car, “the driver-to-hen” to go back, but “out of style” but it’s better a little bored but have to pay $ 600 in Australia. She and her daughters in the car, insisted on buying by a cat to retreat. Through the market, had turned into buying. He also began its cat right hook for $ 600 Australian. Said sure no one believes.

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