Love all animals

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love all animals

if you love animals, you will become loving people and yourself more, if you love animals you’ll love this shirt, not too hard to love you just love those around her more, love the smallest piece, such as small animals, protect and take care of them if possible, because we are animal lovers,


Story: Love animals around you

In 2011, I was a friend to the zoo leads indigenous going phượt Singapore. Here, in addition to being interesting natural view, the visit also enjoy the unique circus.

Monkeys, elephants rolling and dancing to music or do math very fun with a funny face. Immediately, I ran to buy the chocolate bar and remembered a few bananas in a bag of food for monkeys.

However, I saw immediately a sign with the monkeys are covering your mouth with a lot of people are fed, and a gentle reminder: “Do not allow animals to eat! This will make them sick. ”

I also saw pictures on the board: two zoo employees carrying a monkey with the note: “Do not allow animals to eat! Feeding a bluff that can cause digestive disorders, obesity and death. ”

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