Love all animals

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love all animals


Story: These wonderful animals teach us to love and loyalty

Loving animals such as humans we love each other, perhaps because it touched you will see when looking at the pictures of animals so closely tied together.
1, Example: Penguins

If we rank the faithful animals, love each other the most, it would be his top penguin you jog. 2 baby identified as one house and then there will be no separation where dental services.

Especially guy male penguins have a very high sense of responsibility there. In the period from November to December, the warmest temperatures of the year, the breeding season begins. Females lay eggs done (between 1-2 results), then the male is responsible for incubation ranges from 60-70 days.

There are cases where parents take turns incubating the eggs will last. But most of them are males responsible concern for unborn children and their children will foraging sea. Males are willing to starve to leave him alone for a place waiting children are always there. Seeing the terrible hip injury?


2) White Swans

Who have seen the opera Lohengrin and Parsifal famous, or works of ballet Swan Lake (No. 20), the icon will also know what they are, right?

Not just a beautiful animal shape between goose and duck mixed, but also symbolizes the swan love and long-term loyalty to your partner.

Male and female swan will never betray each other throughout their lives, and the lives of their families have many wonderful qualities that people need to learn a lot. With its curved neck, you two would form a classic heart, holding together the perfect expression of love. It is part of an action or heating flirting “Tenh iu,” in which the couple will face, interact with each other and we will see images mess of feathers and wings raised males, bow gracefully.

Swans are known for their aggressive temperament, the male swan extremely powerful, fully capable of causing injury (sometimes fatal), quite dangerous for any third person dare look looking his partner. Mother swan longer will angry if detecting predators or any animal that it believes to be a threat to her family. A happy family know preserve their nests do not you.


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