Love all animals

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Love all animals

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Story:  Great afternoon heat of the animal hide in the desert
Most live in the desert animals developed sophisticated mechanisms and sophisticated help them solve the problem of water shortage between hot and harsh environment.
According to Desert USA, lack of water is vital to all life on the desert, including animals and plants. However, animals facing bigger problems because they are vulnerable to high temperatures than plants. The animals exposed to heat through radiation from the sun and indirectly through the heat transfer from the substrate (soil and rock).

The model biological processes in animals can only take place within a relatively narrow temperature, known as the Mid-Air range. When temperatures beyond this range, the animals are likely to die. Daily temperatures in the desert can be neutralized outside temperature threshold during 4-5 months of the year. Combined with the scarcity of water, animal life residing in the desert become extremely fragile.

avoid hot

Techniques to avoid the heat of the desert animals are plentiful. Some birds like Phainopepla, elongated black bird with a crest ball slender, spawning in the spring when the weather is relatively cool, then migrated from the desert to the cooler areas at higher places along the Pacific coast. Costa hummingbirds, a desert bird with the purple head and throat, began spawning in late winter, then leave the desert in late spring time.

Many other birds major operations a few hours before sunset, then relax in the cool shady place to rest in day time. Some bird species such as flycatchers activities throughout the day, but always parked in a shady place.

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