Love all animals

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love all animals

animal lovers who have a huge loving heart, and very nice, so if you love animals you’ll love this shirt. Because we are animal lovers.


Story: the less known facts about these cute cats

1. scientist not only invented Newton’s law of universal gravitation, but also invented the “cat door” (cat door). Out late on, we get to it, but the cat door had collapsed, then all the way out.

2. Cat’s richest assets of $ 000 415. The owner died due to the inheritance of property. My waist, approximately 8 billion it!

3. Cats prefer to live alone (unless it was little kittens want you to have fun). Few children adopted in the same time, you’ll see them strictly caste out games, not lethargic.

4. Americans annually spend $ 4 billion to buy processed food for cats. They calculated, raising a cat lives to spend 7,000 dollars for food items, medical care, toys, blankets velvet brocade cushion …

5. The cat is the most expensive price is called the Asian Leopard (ie, Asian newspapers, not terrible). It is the thick cross-bred felines to focus the advantages. Its price is 154,000 dollars.

6. Dig It, Embassy of Finland in Moscow has adopted two Siamese cats. Sometimes we just scratched into the wall a frustrating way to call home and cried out. Maybe they can find no rats in it. Wall gouged out, oh, eavesdropping machine! At my cat scratching on the wall as the transmitter remote control signals.

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