Love all animals

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love all animals

loves animals will help you become more human love, life and humanity one day better, if you love animals you’ll love this shirt.


Story: Teach your children to love animals

If you can raise a small animal, your child will learn to add a lot to offer. Child care to know, how to live more responsibly … Children learn many things from the pet food, and prepare a place they are located, must wash, clean clean …

From a young age, my son is very emotional. Whenever the foreign country, he usually likes to play with the dog, chicken, duck … He called the animals that you Cream, I Ngầu, Hachi Kids, Kids Sausage … and confess him. Every time a call to visit grandparents, children do not forget to ask the health situation or the grown of “the children”.

In every child has a sentimental affection for all living beings, without parents or grandparents taught. Adults just let them develop naturally. If you can just directed to child care to know and love the best course. For example, as a child, he noticed that the chicks, he jealously guarded on hand all day for fear … lost. Now he understood not to strangle a chicken too long hug, will make “you” feel cramped and tired papaya.

Sons know how to play, and even chat with each animal. With pigeons, just feed them and let them fly away free pens rather closed and locked up. Dogs may be tagged along, “he”, playing, cuddling, running joke … Cats do not, just play with “he” when they liked. If the animals do not like, do not attempt to clamp down, will be found clearly scratching a sore …

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