Love all animals

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Love all animals

animals are always very cute species, the animals when she looked like angels, and we are sure that if you love animals you’ll love this shirt.


Story: These wonderful animals teach us to love
For the human family is the place where family members feel happy, happy love one another.

1) Eagle

Do you know why the Americans chose the eagle as a symbol of their country does not? We are meaning always there.

Not just great animals capable of flying high and far, symbolizing the powerful development capabilities of the United States, but because they are also loyal species in nature which means maintaining good relationships generation.

Eagle males mate with females only which we have chosen, as well as companion throughout later life. Only in case of death or disability in the fertility of 1 in 2 children, the new eagles to say goodbye, broken love affair. Sure eagles also very sad and hurt, right?

To tell people know the one that you love two eagles are extremely romantic but always did. Always parallel, side by side, with actions such as preening fondling each other and share the food, too.

2) They are the apes

Gibbon is one of the animals most familiar to people. Males and females have shaped, similar height, has the right to equality in their relationships.

Males and females will spend more time learning and playing together in the forest. If the same case will quickly become double myricaceae architecture code. We will live together long, together grooming, feeding the lice and older.

Like humans, the chimpanzee child was old enough to separate mature swarm to avoid inbreeding marriage. And when you go out you are only two other elderly care until death. Therefore, when the apes were determined to stay together, it will never be far from where to home, there’d be together forever.

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