Love animals

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love animals

Animals really very beautiful and lovely if you love them, you would be better to know the love the animals around you.


Story: Teach kids to love to love animals more human

Children learn it by observing, with instructions from the parents. Teach your children to love animals is you’re teaching me how to live in harmony with nature. This is also a way to help children cultivate love, compassion and an emotional soul. A child to love and live animals will know how to love those around you.

However, not everyone thinks so. Sometimes just because I love you, even fear of danger to children that adults behave improperly. There are many times I see the beautiful orange wings, or a metallic dragonfly, cricket strayed into the fire. The children observe them with curious eyes. Having children want to own them as pets. Adult animals immediately arrested, disconnect from the wings to fly away and put in the box for the game. Or when there is a bug, worm, even as a young child afraid rolling, they die instantly smitten.

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