Love my doggy

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love my doggy

You are dog lovers will surely liked what belongs to the dog, with the shirt to show love for your dog is very special, you see it as a king and did not consider it a animal, it’s lovely and really different shirt to express your affection for your dog. And because we are dog lovers.


Story: interesting differences between dogs and cats love them even if you can not detect

Dogs and cats are two types of pets are always people love most. Same as the “little friend” lovely but “you dog” and “Kids miu” there are many different views.

People often have a saying: “Hate each other like cats and dogs”. And yes, the “war” between you and me lu miu they never could forever inconclusive. A Moscow artist has 6 photos shown basic differences between the two “companion” lovely our four-legged.

In the photos it looks like you’re standing at the side miu “evil”, but the “evil” lovely can not make us hate the be.

As for me, the dog was described with much more endearing traits. However, this is only the opinion of the author – who is owning this 2 pets.

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