My dog is my hero

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my dog is my hero

I like others looking at my uncle’s surname as a hero, I love them because the dogs shall have to protect me, they are always loyal and as a friend with me when I was lonely. This shirt shows the message about honoring the brave dog, it is an expression of your love for your dog. Take it to find property that’s great love. Because we are dog lovers.

You-Cant-Buy-Love-but-You-Can-Rescue-it You-Cant-Buy-Love-but-You-Can-Rescue-it

Choosing smart dog:

Parents also contribute to this problem but not any wise parent, the child is clever at all. But the first thing necessarily know is:

Information about parents, the origin of the dog.
Based on looks to choose dog wisdom: “Best brindle – Second Gold – Three compartments – Four spots”
+ Watch dog leg: leg pads (4 small claw closed after elbow) – shaped dog is considered animal wealth will choose prosperity for the owner.

+ Dog is a dog first spotted ultra-suited to farming. If not good tail spots.

+ Dog 4 eyes – the eyes have two small spots on dogs wise, housekeeping, good hunting. But it’s somewhat aggressive personality.

+ Mu feet are white or white spots off both feet, but to have all four legs – very appropriate for this type of home business owners, trade and business. This will buy a dog house may sell expensive.

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