My lab walks all over me

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my lab walks all over me

The joy of many people can be every morning holster his lab dog walking, talking to his dog, and more enjoyable if you like dogs labrador you will love this shirt! Because we are dog lovers.


Story: Labrador Retriever breed

Labrador Retriever breed hound is a very useful line of work from coast to hunt in the woods, herding and guarding on the plains, were trained in the areas of military, police and health …. Converging all the multi-tasking of this dog with the qualities of hard, smart, kind and loyal, species, Labrador Retriever has become a popular line of pet dogs families, particularly as this is a popular breed in America.

Personality traits

Labrador dog breed known for placid nature, courage and loyalty, we are a reliable animal species and is useful in families with guarding and protection, this is a good companion dog work and hunting. Not only useful, Labrador dogs are very affectionate and friendly, they are very good with children and other dogs, but quite aggressive and wary of strangers.

This breed of dog class lines is very smart and very quick, we just calm again just so dynamic, we have interests swimming, running, things like searching, guarding and drag the map. This is very easy to train dogs, we would obey their masters.Also you can see more themes other clothes as: or , animal shirts, cat shirts, pet shirts