My lab walks all over me

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my lab walks all over me

I like the powerful dog, loyal and gentle, with me it’s always like a friend, the dog always makes me want to party Lab it all day, with the main shirt labrador so it’s very attractive, very special particularly if you want to express your love for your dog lab is interested in our products! Because we are dog lovers.


Story: The basic information about the breed Labrador
Looking out the information about dog breeds Labrador? Origin, nature or how to care for this popular species Dogs.

Origin of Labrador Dogs

Surely many kinds Dog enthusiasts are not also not pay much attention to the dog breed that originated from, but if you learn thoroughly about them, you will find them more fun and more about them here.

Labrador dog is a dog is being adopted is very popular in the UK and US. Many people hear our name could also think that they are descended from the Labrador region, but not necessarily have to be like their ancestors is the same Newfoundland in Canada. Labrador can be a district of Newfoundland. This ancient breed is the indigenous fishing capacity to draft them in the river near the sea on the shore. And later the British who brought them about farming and have discovered their amazing ability that is sniffing, searching for objects. They also become family dogs and great for your vote by nature gentle, affectionate and very easy to train. Then they also demonstrate the ability to detect explosives, leads the blind and assistants to people with disabilities.
Labrador dogs are divided into 2 types as Labrador British and American Labrador.

Features of the Dog breed Labrador

English Labrador dogs originated from the UK, and in general, there are differences between the two varieties. He Labrador body certainly, the thicker and more square in the American Dog Labrador have higher and slimmer body. Dog breed Labrador is solid and strong, long body, with a short coat, hard, easy care.

Their fur is almost absolutely straight, without a ripple, the popular colors are black, yellow and chocolate. In fact exist two quite rare color is silver and gray, it has generated much debate, some people say that silver and gray are the result of crosses, others say destination marketing that is just a mutation.
Labrador dog with large head, thick nose and a sharp jaw. Their snout is quite large with a very strong neck, eyes, chestnut or red brown full of smart exudes. Bone structure is very definitely in the limbs, webbed between the toes helps them swim easily.

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