Oh my dog! Photography

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Oh my dog! Photography

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Story: These strange little knowledge about snakes

Cannibalism has bigger size even eat their own children are both two of the many special instincts and exotic snakes.

Snakes are reptiles, cold-blooded, the same class as the scaly animals like lizards, geckos but with teeth. In addition, there is solid animal ears, no nose, but they are hearing and very refined, can be heard and smelt from far away. And yet, there are solid biological weapons are dangerous, that’s … fangs and venom, but there are still many unknowns about these reptile species.

Snakes can cannibalism length than itself
A team of scientists at the University of Toronto synthesis (UOT) Canada, led by biologist K. Jackson has conducted a long-term research and found that, when hungry, poisonous snakes can “devour” both those with greater length itself.

Initially, it used venom to attack their prey, the prey after it defeated started from the first swallow. It used to grab content then used to squeeze the spine and pull prey into. Who has devoured its prey, the snake began vomiting fluids to the stomach and help reduce pressure for easy digestion.

According to the study, snakes are animals most cannibalistic in nature.

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