Oh my dog photography

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oh my dog photography


Story: Self-taught photography – Basic Principles

In this lesson, students will learn some of the most basic principles of photography and how to take advantage of the default mode commonly used to photograph the scene.

Third principle.

This is the basic principle and the most primitive of photography, which stems from the artist of the year 1797. This principle is actually quite simple, it is divided into 9 regions with different scenes with two vertical lines, two horizontal line (as shown above). Then the photographer simply put the subject at any intersection point (4 points). This is done to make a rational layout instead of putting balance in the frame.

Based framework

Sometimes a scene will become more beautiful if you use the technique to create a frame. Photographed through a bicycle wheel spokes or use the foliage above, below or both sides of the frame around the cover off the scene, the scene in the middle frame will look more prominent and will attract the attention of a wider audience .


Use lines to create an image with a certain depth. For example, when taking a building from the foot upward, photos will make this building a sense of higher than normal. Or you can also use the lines to guide viewers to the main part of the subject. With scenes like this, you should use the widest focal length of the machine to image can cover many subjects.
Template (Patterns)

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