Oh my dog! photography

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Oh my dog! photography

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Story: Touching story about the love of animals

Give another monkey

(EADS) Dam monkeys reared in cages with a vending machine to play: they dropped a coin into the slot machine for a slice of cake. The monkey always do that, except for her monkey Beulah.

Biology professor Hal Markowitz, San Francisco State University, California, said: “Beulah always kept throwing coins into slot machines that failed to make it. Maybe it clumsy or want to be the guy that pampered monkey”. And Beulah have reached the sights of male monkey named Rocky. Seeing she ever failed, Rocky decides to hand, and the pie is ejected, Rocky Beulah made for plucking.

The funeral of the Apes

Gorilla name Babs had a very happy life. For many years, she is the female monkey above the most pampered. But when ill, Babs also ended his streak of joy.

It always is ideally a place. Staff Brookfield Zoo in Chicago started to open the door to the inner cage other apes can place on visitation. They were very “people” when caring for sick monkeys.

After Babs died, the other monkeys turn sideways to determine her final touch and sniff and then sit a monkey inside lifeless corpse, as the scene of the funeral of the man. Bana own, younger daughter of Babs, sat crouched inside her mother’s body, knees up arms and wrapped her arms around her neck.


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