Oh my dog! photography

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Oh my dog! photography

like photography and love animals you will become love life, love of beauty, if you love animals you’ll love this shirt. Because we are animal lovers, you’ll become more optimistic, love life and do things more meaningful. You can look at a dog and took a picture of it and smiled, like that are enough to make you happy and appreciate life so much more.


Story: These methods help you quickly advances in photography.

Learn, and track histogram

DSLR allows inspection light with a histogram of the image. LCD can be misleading, but the chart is the only way to help you control exactly light.

Select the frame rate when shooting video

The most SLR cameras with video recording function. Default Standard Pal 25fps (frames / sec). However, if you want to create a slow motion effects (slow-movie), you can select 50fps, and when played back at 25fps speed is also interesting effects.

Image size settings

Often you will be taken at the highest resolution camera allows, regardless of what shooting. But, if needs just a smaller size, you reduce the resolution to achieve faster shutter speed. Such sports photography, events, shutter speed is quite important.

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