Oh my dog photography

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oh my dog photography


Story: storytelling

I’m really into photography. I liked looking at the pictures just like the writer likes to read. See photos others is a way to learn shooting. It helps me growing their skill improvement.

I encountered quite a lot of problems related to their ability to see in photography. Sometimes I see the photos but not sure I’ve understood, or realized the contents of the image you want to say anything, although technically excellent light color. I wonder what image you want to say? These as such, I like to play doctor and a prescription Statistics simple: Be a photographic narrative rather than someone who just knows photography.

Why in camera narrator? Well, just for a single reason, which is to look at a photo of people want to see a story was recorded. Recounts the story with the camera, forcing you to endure more slowly and think about what you’re doing.
What place does the landscape makes you want to take a photo?
What inspires and attracts your eye?
Is there something that strikes the eye that you want to capture and save?
Posed the question like it almost leads to a better picture. Yes, from here, you will only need to do one thing in order to dramatically improve your photography, it’s – narrated the story than just take pictures.

But the narrative in any way? If you do not know how to become a narrator, you can practice in a formula commonly known as SAS I mentioned – an abbreviation of the words: Subjects, Notes, Simplified (Subject, Attention, Simplify)

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