Over view photography

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over view photography

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Story: Portraits with natural light

Perfect natural light to help you capture beautiful images without flash

In the article the author Véronique www.dasilvafoto.com da Silva on the site, she shared the experience on how to take portraits with surrounding light sources.

I am often asked, “Do you use a flash?”. And the answer is “I do not.” I trained professional photography under commercial aspects, so commonly used types of flash and the best equipment in the world, and I know how to use them. I use it for most of his work.

But, around the life we also have countless other beautiful light and it gives us the challenge can guess to find and use it effectively. As a photographer or use natural light, I used the black plate diffuses light and equipment to take advantage of as well as the direction of the light source available my liking.

I like portraits and I’ve found that the average person does not feel comfortable in a studio with multiple devices and lights flash. It’s easy to overwhelm the space and get into the picture. My principle is if you can take a picture with the surrounding light source, even difficult lighting conditions may be, I will try to take advantage. The result will certainly be better when used with flash.

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