Paws and smile



Paws and smile

studied photography and love animals will make your life enjoyable and more colorful, if you love animals and like photography you will like this shirt. Because we are animal lovers.


Story: Learn better photography.

Shooting modes Beach / Snow (Snow / Beach)

The camera will automatically reduce exposure to avoid burning bright as the brightness difference between snow or sea compared to the surroundings. Thus, the image will look slightly darker to show the details more clearly highlights.

Night mode (Night mode)

Night mode is prone to “trap” the most. Usually, many people complained that the photos in this mode often shaky, blurry. The problem is mainly due to hold the camera users are not strong enough. So without a tripod, you need to put in a solid surface to avoid the maximum vibration should not portable.

Landscape mode (Landscape)

Landscape mode very useful for common shooting scene by mode, the tone green and blue will be fired up to brilliant images look better. In this mode the camera will choose the appropriate aperture so that the entire scene is sharp.

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