Paws and smiles photography

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Paws and smiles photography

beautiful photography and love animals will help us to think deep and more humane life, if you love animals you will enjoy this shirt.


Story: These elements help capture beautiful portraits.

Depth of field
Low depth of field applied best for portraits. Often it makes the background blur into a beautiful scene while keeping the subject sharp. Users compact DSLR camera can select a wide aperture lens, such as lens 50mm F1.8 fixed focal length, to focus the viewer’s attention on the subject and hide the details of disturbing in the background. Sightseeing users to point and shoot cameras can be used F3.5 aperture value or lower, or can use the portrait mode of the machine to create a similar effect.

Create layouts
If you avoid the surroundings, then exploit it! Use everyday scenes such as arches, doorways, corridors, balconies, branches … the innovative way to create a layout for the surroundings of the subject and at the same time creating visual attention more. You can also use the people around to create a layout for the main subject.

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