Paws for healing

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Paws for healing

If you love all pets and animals, you’ll find that shirt with the message “paws for healing” will be very meaningful for us to see it, for me the animals are brought to the joy and happiness when we on the side, when you are sad we will help you pass the time alone and unhappy one. Will be the dog adorable and will never leave you. Because we are pet lovers.

paws-for-healing paws-for-healing

Story about 4 animals in the world are beyond human:
Humans are creatures of this planet domination. But not sure where, because there are things that the animals still superior to us, even in language issues or intellectual.
We human beings have achieved many accomplishments “magic” of life: from the greatest thing as the Internet, smartphones … to th smallest seemed like snack packs – all thanks to the skillful hands and great minds of men.

But whether we can be dominant species on this planet, or in the world there are still formidable creatures than us?

The truth is there is there.

1. Whales … people speak

There’s a white whale named Noc has spent almost his entire life in the aquarium in San Diego, USA. Note especially, of course, because the pay is white.
But even more special is that after more than 30 years in captivity, Noc not want anyone to violate his private space here. And so, it came up with an extremely hegemony to “dismiss” the divers out of his aquarium. Braille! Speaking people but really!

Rather, uncle imitate some English words to hear this. But such is nothing superior to humans?
The problem lies in that we not only pay imitate, but also have the ability to choose words to express your mood.

2. The mouse experiment – animals smarter than we thought

If whales excel in language, then here, the mouse makes human beings feel inferior even in their ability to learn – things that are our pride.

3. Bear cats – who are torturing people

Raccoon is a species of native mammals in North America. They are nocturnal, mostly carnivorous and live off the waste from humans.

In the US, bear cat was always considered those who pick up, these puppies or rummaging through trash for survival. But that is what we think about them, but they are really miserable?
4. immortal jellyfish

Currently many people in the world, even the richest person on the planet, is still trying to stretch every hour every minute of life. Whether anyone is coming at some point we will have to face things that cause us to fear most: death

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