Paws for healing

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paws for healing

the paws of dogs and cats that I always feel like I loved them so much, because when I was lonely and miserable least they helped me pass, if you love me you will love them like this shirt, because it represents the story in it. And also because we are pet lovers.


Story: Dog Hachiko story pity
The story takes place in 1925, at the Shibuya station.

Dog Hachiko is Professor Ueno of Tokyo University nourished. Professor families without a son (do not know if a girl like in the movie or not), he considered like a son Hachiko.

Every day, as usual, every morning is Professor Ueno Eizaburo Hachiko off to the station for the train to go to work he and they both walk to Shibuya station, faithful dog Hachi, has a nickname called Hachiko. Hachiko is not allowed according to Professor Imperial College (now the University of Tokyo), where he was teaching, and the way they continued to 3 pm, to the station Hachiko waited professor. But on May 12 of that year, Professor Ueno died following a stroke while on a lecture at the firm which all universities and forever unable to return. Hachiko also just like every day, still to the station at 3pm to catch all nhanve. But that day is over 3 hours long, how many trains had gone through, it was dark without seeing the professor. And Hachiko, the faithful pay not discouraged, Hachiko was waiting and waiting.

Hachiko hunch that something not good has happened, however it is still waiting for the employer to the station at 3 pm each day. Soon, people around started paying attention to the futility of Hachiko waited for the owner of his died. Respectively, from the previous gardener professor, to the director of the station and the local people have to eat and turns Hachiko take care of it. The story of the faithful dog quickly spread everywhere and Hachiko was considered a shining example of loyalty. They seek only to look Shibuya Hachiko, feed him, or gently rub it early for good luck. 1932, when the employer Hachiko waited for 7 years, 1 student of Professor Ueno wrote one article tells about the thrills and sent in one major newspaper published in Tokyo. Immediately a lot of people cares for this loyal dog. Also from the Japanese Hachiko add new words to the dictionary “chukhen” – loyal dog.

Besides, it is also the theory that because the next day was a day where Hachiko waited for his employer has a barbecue restaurant and is very good at removing Hichiko pieces of meat off the grill rods should be used for customer usually pay to eat. Because of that reason that the daily pay is all here waiting for that steak.

Many days, months, and years passed, still the steady Hachiko at the station at 3pm, although it has had arthritis and was too old then. Finally on March 8, 1935 (1 of the document said that March 8, 1935), nearly 11 years from the date the employer saw it last time, it was found that force was 12 years old Hachiko -In lay dead in the very place where it was waiting for his master for many years.

Hachiko’s death was published on the front page of many newspapers at the time and spent an entire day to mourn Hachiko. From the donations of the people of the country, people have hired sculptor Teru Ando to make a bronze statue of Hachiko. When the statue was completed and solemnly placed inside the station, at the location it was waiting for the employer for almost 10 years.

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