Pet photography

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Pet photography

If you love pets and photography you will like this shirt. Please click “BUY NOW” to buy the product




I love working with new people taking pictures, each share of special equipment and basic knowledge. I recently had the pleasure of working with some students. They are very lively, energetic, full of enthusiasm and love of learning. They also bring a fresh new perspective on photography made me surprised.

But, when talking to them, I was impressed by the similarity of their questions: Parameter Configuration lens camera on the website? Need to buy a camera? How many lenses & lens What? … Etc .. After finally had one question – “So taking something?” Take something before you know how to capture represents something new and what was needed to be fit to take for something rather out!

With all these questions, I answered the way I fear that may have made some of them to frustration, anger or hate. Anyway – I think it is important to gently guide them in the right path to go right from the beginning.

That is, in case I always responded by saying:

“Tell me your story!”

Obviously ALL ALL communications and the media – tend to focus on the type of radio, television, cinema, blogs, digital audio or photography – always revolves around a story. The story is everything. If you catch it, you will be an expert photographer.

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