Pet Photography

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Pet Photography

learn photography to capture the beautiful moments in life and love pets you will see this life meaningful and beautiful. Because we are animal lovers. we very love pets and like photography.


Story: Ways to help you take better photos

1 – Understand all aspects of the art of photography.
– Photography is a multi-step process
– Steps can mention the capture, transformation, optimization, printing, preparation and exhibition …
– Learn how to proceed step by step according to artistic standards
2 – Optimize images using the layer (layer) in Photoshop.
– Do not optimize everything when moving raw files.
3 – Think of the end goal is to print.
– Do not just learn how to shoot and edit optimal image alone
– Need to learn how to print photos
– Nothing is as beautiful as a picture in art
– Picture in books, magazines, on the web are also just reprint only
4 – Framing and present your work in a professional manner.
– Print out is not done
– Photo art should be glued and framed.

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