Pet photography

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Pet photography

Story: Tips for taking your pet and your family.

One of the categories is much loved and often take pets especially indoors, and their loved ones. In the series of this period, we will have the opportunity to enjoy exciting moments with accompanying tips to help you not only entertainment but also be able to practice immediately after reading.

Photographing people
Yet flying high up

With friends, shooting into the air style many people interested, but how to capture beautiful moments, they must pay attention to the following.
Red shirt blue (good idea – there is better)
Snapshot when you jump up high with hand upright posture and the most radiant face.
Shooting from the bottom up.

Breaking the layout

If you see a girl with beautiful eyes, let everyone see. Portrait does not necessarily represent all. It could just as lips, eyes.

Focus offline.

When you take a group of relatives, in addition to close the border, layout … etc, which is fundamentally important not to let anyone blindly, visible attention before shooting.

Take inspiration to viewers.

Photos can present emotional bond of the family members is a successful photograph, the photograph so very easy to make viewers feel more clearly any public disclosures.

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