Pet photography

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Pet photography

If you love photography We’re sure you’ll enjoy photographing landscapes, people and pets, animals, this shirt will bring inspiration to you.


Story: Take pictures of relatives and pets

Mother and baby.

Everyone knows that the baby is very beautiful, but how to show through how it is a completely different story. The simplest is that you take the hands, feet, baby, let’s create focal points by shooting near the contrast and create more viewers by the hand of an adult pampering. Let’s keep it this moment, the baby will grow very fast.

Baby sleep – Innocent, small, adorable.

In Vietnam, the little baby who was sleeping when photographed because Vietnamese people believe that sleeping baby photographed will do little jumpy. Can be used by people taking flash and extra oral folk, they have become community superstition. If you are not a superstitious person, write down this lovely moments and note – mirror showing the baby is so smooth and fancy – Gently add the baby’s toys, bottles or small items besides – Remember to turn off the flash and shutter sound.

Childhood innocence.

When the child grew up, things like iPad, Nintendo or mobile phone is not the jewelry for your children to compose, we would like an adult than a child’s innocence. The folk games will make the most innocent child and then you will have an impressive picture.

Let your attention to a subject’s preferences.

If your girlfriend’s new nail paint a new, or a new pair of shoes that you are a guitarist, take the items as a compliment, they specification is the personality of the owner of the Photo.

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