Pet photography

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Pet photography

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Story: The trick photography beautiful family

1. Create a comfortable position
Be creative by placement people when family portraits, this depends on how many people will take and the space can be. With a family of 4 people, you can arrange for all the family is confronted in a circle, people lying on the ground, holding hands. The photographer used a standard lens or wide angle lenses from 17-50mm, stood leaning over them or stand up ladders to shoot. Focus in the middle of the figure, using the depth of field DOF (depth of field) moderate, is ideal f / 9 to f / 16.

2. Stand in groups
If shooting large families, tell them to stand together in groups. The tall, standing behind younger, older people and children in the middle of the front. These people should stand at 2 higher than the photos. For natural-looking photos, do not apply the principle of “low to high” stiffness because the image will appear to be arranged in advance. Use removable flash to illuminate darkened areas, making faces look down cold, and wider use DOF depth so that people are sharp.

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