Pet photography

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Pet photography

if you know many secrets of beautiful family photo or pet photography pretty please share with us, because we are people who love animals & love photography.


Story: Ways to help families effectively photographed

Fill the frame
Macro is the best way of showing affection. Let 2 relatives (maybe spouses, siblings or parents and children) adjacent to each other as close as possible. Use a standard lens or lens close-ups (macro) and the closely cropped. Wait a bit, maybe they’ll laugh or look at each other, then to shoot. Use the flash to catch that moment, and adjust shallow DOF to blur the background.

Unique angled
Try shooting with different angles. Imagery of this kind will bring excitement to the viewer and show a lot. A great technique is that you lie down and take a stand on the subject above. You will need to use the flash to illuminate the face shining in the sky. Make sure everyone slightly looked down to see too well from their nose.

Some other attention
The setting should be used
Exposure settings for portraits often different family whether you always want to get the picture of balance and sharpness. Therefore, use the flash if necessary and appropriate shutter speed of at least 1/125 sec. DOF further adjustment (f / 11-f / 22), if you take the whole group so that everyone is clear. However, if taken less than 3 people, use the more shallow DOF (f / 2-f / 5.6) to the background blurred.

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