Pet photography

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Pet photography

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Story: To take better pictures, choose a good light guide

There is light, there is photography. Light determines the success or failure of a photograph. After the basic post and technical equipment in, despite what is captured by the device, from dedicated cameras to phones, people have to pay attention to capture the light, which determine the source light and select appropriate directional light is an important job. If the camera depends led by people who use it, understand and master it, then light the photographer decided to get the picture right the will or not.

Light source:
Light emitted from a light source. There are two types: source of natural light and artificial light sources.
Natural light source is sunlight. The sun is a source of immense natural light, strong and free.

Artificial light source emits light from other sources. The lamps or reflect light generated by humans.

Directional light:
Directional light is the key factor determining the success or failure of a photograph. Directional light from a light source can affect the way the theme is taken. The selection of suitable light guide will express the intention to capture and highlight the very important subject.

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