Pet pro photographer

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Pet pro photographer

how to take pictures of dogs, cats or animals is beautiful, it is challenged, if you love animals, you’ll love to take pictures this shirt.


Story: Beautiful animal photographed

Do not close animal patience too
Keep your distance when photographing animals. First, pay attention to the attitude of the animal whether it comfortable having a machine who just held something toward them. If yes, wait for them calmly and slowly moved closer. Also never approached a lactating mother. Feeding animals much more cruel because there is always the sense of protecting children.

Do not use the flash
There are two cases occur if you use the flash to shoot animals in nature. One is that they will fear and fled. Secondly they will rage and attack you!


To get the picture pretty toxic, many photographers have to wait for hours, even weeks to animals act strangely, unique postures and proper lighting conditions.

Sounds of animals
When a predator approaches, animals often respond with different sounds. Pay attention to the cries, you will find the whereabouts of the animal you want to take pictures and also more careful when predators such as lions, tigers, leopards approached.


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