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Photography t-shirts

photography the animals, such as dogs, cats and nature, is not easy, if you love animals you’ll enjoy with this shirt. Because we are animal lovers


Story: Photographing wildlife

1. Find out about animals

To capture the most natural images of animals, the first thing you need to remember is to learn about the animals that: the daily activities, habits, our habits. For example, when a lion approached your car, do not be frightened by lions just smell of the car, not smell inside.

Some animals seemed meekly turned out quite dangerous, such as hippopotamus. Many people were killed when intended to close the hippopotamus. The gerenuk gazelle especially like to stand on two legs to eat fruits. This interesting behavior when over the image will make many people admiring, amused and, of course, only those who delve easy new “blink” is the image.

2. Sounds of animals
When a predator approaches, animals often respond with different sounds. Pay attention to the cries, you will find the whereabouts of the animal you want to take pictures and also more careful when predators such as lions, tigers, leopards approached.

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