Photography animals

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Photography animals

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Story: art photography light

There are three basic directional light:

1. Light upon: a source shines from behind the camera, the direction of the projection lens directly to the subject. This bright light negative direction across the surface of the subject and a lot of users. This light guide with low contrast for shadows of objects hidden behind the subject, the camera does not recognize is that section that recorded only the front light coverage ,.
Conveniently capture bright colors are achieved, but lacks the contrasting dark picture should have little depth, not floating blocks. Surfaces are subject brightness, shadows behind the subject.

2. Light one side: the light source from the side in the direction of 45 degrees and 90 with the subject from the lens and bevel above the ground. Oblique lighting creates shadows much more. Oblique light with high contrast level, the more difficult to handle upon capture bright, matching the time of the sun dawn or dusk, more dramatic image.
Light slanted on one side always highlight the shape of objects and express the depth topics. Half bright half dark subject.

3. Lighting opposite: light source from behind the subject. Conversely innovative ultra high-contrast, shadow, facing the lens. This is the most difficult to use directional light is directional light, but to impress the most powerful and easy to create emotion for the viewer, if people take control. Avoid light shining directly into the lens, easy to photograph flashed unwanted.
Often taken not to take part light detailed, postproduction to present details of the dark or techniques used HDR, HDR shooting mode or available on the phone taking effect in backlit situations.

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