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Bird Photography 

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Story: The story of the sea birds

I have often noticed that the sea birds flying under the stars on the big ships, parked alongside the deck above. Long sea birds, flying high but wide wingspan. They threw themselves on the day the sky is not perturbed, went out to the ocean the ocean the other. Then they fatigue. Their wings are not strong enough to traveling on the deep blue sky and white clouds circling more porous. So we flew under the large ship to stop, such as finding a berth. Then, when the ship was docked, they immediately flew to the mainland that crooked panic among tall buildings and high-voltage lamps shining. There was fresh air and ocean. No longer can bite the fish of the sea, could not prolong survival.

Have you ever squeezed between this life I feel like sea birds outside. Recognize ourselves in somewhere completely strange, when we take the majority trot miss an oriented manner. I just followed the crowd effect, but do not know what to expect in the future.

I see people working on economic employment also registered under the School of Economics. I see many people do not like Pedagogy, also brushed always dream to become a teacher since childhood. I think that nobody wants to contest on Agriculture, Water Resources, Geology, we also extinguished always desire to enrich their homeland by going up from agricultural production.

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