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bird photography 

love the animals, the birds and especially love photography you will find yourself living meaningful, because we are people who love birds, love animals.


Story: The mystery of the death signaling birds

Barn owl barn owls or birds are very smart birds, lovely. However, as far back as in Vietnam, it is regarded as evil as barn owls calling at the house gable house who was about to have the dead.

Looks animals seem slow, calm and mysterious, but they really are the assassins, to the speed of the wind and the razor sharp toenails. In the darkness, black, eyed it without missing a little mouse running at a distance of a hundred meters.

They shot their pig is one of two animals of the goal. Some species found in Vietnam are often collectively referred to as bird chirps its pig breeding pigs known. Owl barn owl is their medium and large size, large head, strong legs with sharp claws. Our ethos is flat like a disc face, heart-shaped, is made of feathers. The feathers also work to locate and amplify the sound when hunting.

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