Dog Photography

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Dog Photography 

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Dog taught me live truly and sincerely love

Sometimes people can feel the difficulty of loss and change as being woven into life. We can not live a full life without him things difficult. There are two things that sometimes make us hurt, but they help us better understand what’s important in life and how to live truly called, they give us the platform to mature, to understand better ourselves as humans like.
For several years I have gone through many changes like flipping each chapter of life. A very close friend, my right arm was always there for me and I go through those difficulties is a dog Tucker. Tucker friend was with me during the darkest days of his life. It has become my guardian gods help pull me out of the depths of spiritual crisis, depression and the pressures of life. It was next to me when I see things that are not like the emotional, demanding bosses and bad things just turn arrived to me. It keeps me balanced and calm life before all the chaos of life. After a series of bad things sacked, broken relationships, drug addiction and overcome food cravings I think everything will be better by Tucker and I went through all but one year prior to the vet has Tucker examination and the result is a tumor in the brain’s nose with no connections, the ability of cancer it is very high. Although Tucker was ill but we still have time together. Experiencing these things I have learned a lot of important things in life.


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