Photography shirts

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Photography shirts

love photography and always to love the animals will help us become better, if you love animals and love to take pictures you’ll love this shirt.


Story: The elements of art photography

The goal of the photographer is to show the “I” in the way they feel.
1 – Be a professional light.
– The most important factor in photography is not the device you own, you apply techniques
– The most important factor in photography is light
2 – Layout shots carefully.
– Slowly Slowly
– Use the viewfinder
– Evaluate carefully the context
– All areas of the frame are of equal importance
– Sculpt layout step by step
3 – Research and contrasting colors.
– Look at the contrast in the scene you shoot
– Look at the colors in the scene you shoot

4- You fine-estate lake lakes quarter majority.
– The goal of Art is not doing as much as possible pictures
– The objective of the Arts is the creator of some gorgeous images and survive at the same time

5 – Mastering the art and techniques.
– Photo art encompasses both art and engineering
– Do not just study one of the two
– Research and practice to master both

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