Photography shirts

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Photography shirts

if you are a dog lovers, cat lovers, animal lovers and enjoys photography you will enjoy these shirts. Because we are the humanities and beloved live animals.


Story: How to take a pet

When your pet photography, the most important thing is to establish a reliable relationship with you to capture the animal.

If you just pointed to the animal to shoot machine, you may make them wary. So first, let your pet get familiar with the camera slowly bit by bit in the comfortable environment, such as your home. Let’s begin with the P mode setting to capture with the camera by automatically choosing.

Focal length: 120 mm / Parameter f: 4.0 / Shutter speed: 1/100 sec. Capture the finest expression of the pet in the room is the prerogative of the owner of that animal farming. When taking pictures of your pet alive, take as much as possible and let them express many different expressions. To take a pet in the horizontal range, use the tilt feature of the screen behind the camera. (*)

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