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Over view photography

Favorite photography and animal lover helps us to become more loving, if you love animals and photography,


Story: Self-taught photography

Template (Patterns)

Look for patterns with repeating objects in the scene and put it on the frame. If less, you can zoom closer to it dominate the frame and remove objects distracting. As the picture above, the photographer has zoom back walls in front near tall building with brick holes to make up a very interesting background pattern.

The basic scene modes wear

The default scene mode on your computer can help improve the quality of photography if you know the right place using the right place. Although automated, but the regime still need some adjustments, the new shooter from developing full features.

Portrait mode (Portrait)

Some people prefer to take blur the background to emphasize more on the subject. Typically, the face detection mode will autofocus shooting people in the face and select the appropriate aperture (large aperture) to create a more well-portrait on the background.

Landscape mode (Landscape)
Landscape mode very useful for common shooting scene by mode, the tone green and blue will be fired up to brilliant images look better. In this mode the camera will choose the appropriate aperture so that the entire scene is sharp.


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