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Photography shirts

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Story: These good habits help us better photographers.

Experiment with the settings

Time spent on testing some settings are very important. Rushed not necessarily have pictures like that. Identify your subject focus, aperture corresponding to the desired depth of field, iso matching white balance to see which option is best suited to the circumstances … because of the light-sensitive camera always limited. You can set up as close to exactly the appropriate settings for the shooting conditions, which means you know the strengths and weaknesses of the equipment, to master it. This is not trying to find a perfect picture, which is the test set to help you understand better the device you are using.

There should be a tripod shared about the effect of the tripod in each specific shooting conditions. Depending on budget, and according to actual needs, tripod accessory is to shop, the more certainly, rigid as possible … There are so many circumstances to use a tripod, there are many techniques require attaching shooting up tripod machine.

Note the horizon

Into the habit of putting up the chassis is horizontal skyline to the right. If you are new, watch the horizon turn size or cellular grids for easier menu, even with the big camera, people on the spot aquatic size hotshoe mount lights to watch the horizon. This saves you postproduction editing, and if the correction would cut off some of the frames.

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